The range of treatments offered at Vital Vibes is continuously growing.

These treatments now include:

When you first visit Vital Vibes for an analysis of the stressors in your body, we will do a SCIO Analysis, Diacom Analysis and Live Blood Analysis. These analyses take two hours. You are encouraged to bring along any of your previous medical tests that you have available as well to complement the analysis. During this appointment we look at as many aspects of your health as we can.  We look at organ tissue health, the functioning of your organs, your emotional state as well as aspects of your spiritual health.  This is a holistic and in-depth session.

Following your two-hour Initial Session, you are given a report (at a 30 minute follow up session / skype session) which states all the aspects of your health that should be improved and also a strategy of how to improve these.  This includes vitamins and minerals that are beneficial, treatments that will assist you and also any sensitivities to foodstuffs that you may be experiencing.  Please note, that as a health practitioner, I do not diagnose. If you have a clinical diagnosis though, we will be able to look at the underlying stressors creating the condition.  If you don’t have a diagnosis, we are still able to look at the stressors and improve on those.

People who typically see me are:

  • Those who are healthy and want to stay healthy
  • Those with chronic illnesses who are looking for
    complementary and alternative treatments
  • Those who suffer from undiagnosed symptoms and
    cannot find a solution
  • Those who want assistance with dyslexia / ADD or
  • People suffering from trauma
  • Those who feel pain and are battling to get
  • Children and babies who need assistance with
    their immune systems or who fall in the above categories.  Babies from a very young age can be assisted
  • Woman wanting help with fertility issues

Treatments include the following (but are not limited to):


  • Identification and elimination of stressors from toxins, intolerances, allergies, and other imbalances
  • Aid and facilitate the removal of toxins
  • Address damaged organs
  • Recommend supplements according to individual needs
  • Balancing of organs and the functioning thereof
  • Balancing spinal and nerve functions
  • Stimulating or sedating the functioning of hormones, enzymes and proteins
  • Retraining cells of organs


  • Balance irregular brainwaves
  • Stabilise neural networks and the associated neurotransmitters
  • Use NLP programs (neural linguistic programming) to facilitate change old thinking patterns
  • Assist with the realignment of behavioural patterns
  • Boost learning abilities
  • Assist with ADD / ADHD brainwaves
  • Stimulate neuro transmitters like serotonin. dopamine


  • Release emotional trauma held in the cells
  • Balance the neurotransmitters responsible for our ability to “feel good”
  • Release subconscious negativity
  • Balance stress symptoms
  • Assist with recognizing troubled emotions held subconsciously and thereby enabling processing thereof