I’m jumping for joy of life again!!!! A huge vote of appreciation and thanks to both Laura Samson and her amazing machines and the wonderful nursing sister Daniela at the wound-care clinic on Linksfield Road. It took 5 months of sometimes excruciating pain and a serious condition which I won’t delve into, before I discovered these ladies who snapped me into rapid healing. I had become quite despondent and minimally mobile, after months of doctors, blood tests and biopsies which revealed absolutely nothing (literally) and completely missed the boat. God knows where it might have ended up. So huge gratitude to both. Phew – huge relief and healthful, robust life begins in earnest again!!!


Blood tests show my kidney function up from 52% from first test before i saw you to 67% today after 2 of your interventions.


“I had Lyme disease and no-one could figure it out until Dr. Laura did. Not only did she correctly diagnose it, she got me through a program that cured it. In ONE MONTH. This was a major physical condition no other doctor or homeopath had been able to diagnose, much less cure, and I have been entirely free of the disease for 6 years now.”


“Laura, I am so excited! Had a totally pain free night and slept right through. So wonderful! Hips are also so much better in terms of pain. Thank you so much for the after hours treatments too” This client had not slept as a result of joint pain due to arthritic conditions


?”I feel alive, I can think and remember again.” This client had been suffering from major depression and attention deficit disorder


“My son of 4 years old had what appeared to be asthma. I had taken him to every specialist in Joburg, including my own renowned Pediatrician uncle, to get a correct diagnosis and resolution, to no result. Within one visit and a couple of weeks of treatment, Dr. Laura diagnosed, treated and cured what had been my son’s chronic lung/coughing ailment.”


“My legs are so much better that I am now allowed to drive.” This was following an allergic reaction to an antibiotic where the client was experiencing nerve problems in her legs and was not allowed to drive


“Laura is a very caring and dedicated healer. She will operate at a high level to understand the bigger picture of your life and drill down to the detail level to determine and personalise a healing process for you. She is highly skilled with SCIO to the point that even the problems you don’t raise will be brought to the fore. But my favourite thing is her thinking outside of the box. She has developed an uncanny ability to structure new methods dynamically with SCIO to assist and guide your healing. I look forward with great excitement to every treatment. Laura has helped me with health issues that I had given up on.”


“I have known Laura for a number of years. Her honesty and compassion are the two qualities that I most appreciate in her. She has an incredible dedication to and deep understanding of her biofeedback work.”


“Laura is a wonderfully caring and warm individual with a wealth of knowledge regarding quantum health care and bio-feedback healing techniques. I always came out of a session with Laura feeling like I was back on track and on the road to recovery.”


“Laura is a passionate, dedicated person and cares deeply about people.”


“Laura is a passionate, dedicated person and cares deeply about people.”


“Laura does what she does with passion for her chosen field of expertise. She also displays a love for what she does and it shows in the results.”


“Laura treated me with her SCIO machine and results were visible within 4 days”


“Laura’s goals need to be exciting. She wakes up in the morning invigorated by what lies on the way to achieve another step to her goal!”


“Laura has a unique ability to communicate complex ideas with ease.”


“Laura is passionate about her work and a careful, caring, always respectful and very perceptive healer”


“I was very troubled when I first saw you, from then to now I have to say I feel totally different and a lot happier. You have made a very positive impact on me and my life. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. “


“Hi Laura, everything is going so well with Lauren. We’ve stuck to your suggestions and she hasn’t had a headache in weeks! She’s got lots more energy and feeling so much better.” This client suffered with headaches for 3 years without relief. Doctor interventions had not assisted


“Laura is a magician. Cannot believe how well I feel”


“The pain treatment made a massive difference. I can think again” This client was was experiencing severe and debilitating neck and jaw pain which doctors could not help with


“Laura is an exceptional person. She works with total dedication, care for all, and possesses masterly skills. No one is untouched by her warm personality, where the feeling of a “soul lift” is a long term experience.”