Acudetox Therapy

Acudetox is another word for Auricular Acupuncture Detoxification. It’s the most powerful and fastest way in the world to remove toxins from the human body. It’s also the fastest way to treat stress and anger problems.

Certain organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs play a vital role in detoxifying the human body. Auricular acupuncture works by forcing organs to excrete toxins by stimulating electrical pathways in the ear with acupuncture needles. The process is relatively painless but extremely powerful.

Auricular detoxification works by placing five sterile stainless steel needle in an electrical pathway connected to the toxic organs. The metal needle changes its polarity and toxins are released. Acudetox is used for stress release, anger, depression, addiction treatments and detoxification treatments

A young girl was asked to draw a picture of herself – this was before and after her treatment.

Before and after Acudetox treatments with a young girl who battled with ADD / ADHD