Revitalising Your Health

Laura Samson (T/Dr, Acudetox Specialist, Theta Accredited and Biofeedback Therapist) uses different scanners, to analyse pathology, viruses, sensitivities, illness, and imbalances in patients.

When you make an appointment with Vital Vibes, you are encouraged to bring in copies of all your previous medical records, your scans and any blood tests you may have. The first appointment is a two hour appointment where we will go through your details, your symptoms and we scan you using two different non-invasive scanners (more info on these shortly). During this appointment we look at as many aspects of your health as we can. We look at organ tissue health, the functioning of your organs, your emotional state as well as aspects of your spiritual health. This is a holistic and in-depth session.

Following your two-hour Initial Session, you are given a report (at a 30 minute follow up session / skype session) which states all the aspects of your health that should be improved and also a strategy of how to improve these.

This includes vitamins and minerals that are beneficial, treatments that will assist you and also any sensitivities to foodstuffs that you may be experiencing. Please note, that as a health practitioner, I am not allowed to give a “diagnosis” and if you come in with a diagnosis, we will be able to look at the underlying stressors creating the condition. If you don’t have a diagnosis, we are still able to look at the stressors and improve those.

The scanners used are the DiaCom (approved in the EU) and the SCIO (approved by the Department of Health in SA).

The range of treatments offered at Vital Vibes is continuously growing.

These treatments now include: