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Hello, I'm Laura Samson

(T/Dr, Acudetox Specialist and Biofeedback Therapist)

About Laura

  • Laura Samson
  • Email: vitalvibes@netactive.co.za
  • Phone: +27 83 307 0795
  • (T/Dr, Acudetox Specialist and Biofeedback Therapist)
  • Address: Erasmusrand, Pretoria.

Professional Profile

Laura Samson (T/Dr, Acudetox Specialist and Biofeedback Therapist) uses different scanners, to analyse pathology, viruses, sensitivities, illness, and imbalances in patients.

When you make an appointment with Vital Vibes, you are encouraged to bring in copies of all your previous medical records, your scans and any blood tests you may have. The first appointment is a two hour appointment where we will go through your details, your symptoms and we scan you using two different non-invasive scanners (more info on these shortly). During this appointment we look at as many aspects of your health as we can. We look at organ tissue health, the functioning of your organs, your emotional state as well as aspects of your spiritual health. This is a holistic and in-depth session.

Following your two-hour Initial Session, you are given a report (at a 30 minute follow up session / skype session) which states all the aspects of your health that should be improved and also a strategy of how to improve these. This includes vitamins and minerals that are beneficial, treatments that will assist you and also any sensitivities to foodstuffs that you may be experiencing. Please note, that as a health practitioner, I am not allowed to give a “diagnosis” and if you come in with a diagnosis, we will be able to look at the underlying stressors creating the condition. If you don’t have a diagnosis, we are still able to look at the stressors and improve those.

The scanners used are the DiaCom (approved in the EU) and the SCIO (approved by the Department of Health in SA). For more information about the scanners and the available treatment modalities, please have a look at the links below. The treatments include:

  • SCIO
  • DiaCom
  • Auricular Acupuncture (Acudetox)
  • Rife treatment
  • Vitamin, mineral and tissue salt treatments

People who typically see Laura for treatments are:

  • Those who are healthy and want to stay healthy
  • Those with chronic illnesses who are looking for complementary and alternative treatments
  • Those who suffer from undiagnosed symptoms and cannot find a solution
  • Those who want assistance with dyslexia / ADD or ADHD
  • People suffering from trauma
  • Those who feel pain and are battling to get relief
  • Children and babies who need assistance with their immune systems or who fall in the above categories. Babies from a very young age can be assisted
  • Woman wanting help with fertility issues

Understanding Biofeedback

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a non-invasive therapeutic technology that energetically scans and harmonises the body stresses and imbalances, and returns your body back to health by reducing the stressors that cause disease.

Stress can come from many sources, such as toxicity, trauma, pathogens, mental factors, perverse energy, allergies, heredity, habits and deficiency syndrome. As stress continues, disease progresses.

Stress starts by producing an alarm response in the body, which will provoke symptoms. If the stress continues, the body will go into an adaptation stage, which is symptom free. A lack of symptoms is not a sign of good health.

The client can have a life threatening disease and be symptom free. Stress can be of many types; from toxicity, trauma, deficiency, perverse energy, pathogens, allergy, heredity and mental factors. Stress produces erratic vibrations that lead to disharmony, followed by injury and disease.

Measuring the Body Electric

Brain nerve cells, when stimulated, create electrical energy which activates nerves. This is recorded as brain waves by an electroencephalogram (EEG). The nerve activities cause muscles to shorten and move the body, and to stimulate the heart, lungs, blood vessels, intestines, and glands. When a muscle shortens, an electrical current is generated which can be recorded by and electromyogram (EMG). The electrical heart activity is picked up by an electrocardiogram (ECG).

In the physical body there are two primary electrical systems. One is the well-known alternating electric current of the nervous system, the brain, neurons, and the nerves, which causes muscles contraction, nerve transmission, glandular secretion, and sensation. The other is an electromagnetic system emanating from atoms and cells.

The sheaths surrounding the nerves are not merely insulation as described in established biology but are real wire that reach into each area of the body to create a normal electrical environment around each cell, or a stimulatory one when healing growth is needed.

The human body is controlled and regulated by a Quantum Energy Field. Both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines acknowledge a body system of meridians, through which flows an energetic and information-laden substance known as Chi. Every human thought and action is accompanied by electrical activity in the nervous system and by bio photon communication among cells.

The body’s first signal that all is not well is vibrational or electromagnetic. Damaging frequencies are stored in cells. These damaging waves may build up unnoticed for years. Chemical changes begin to appear later. Then Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens take hold. Lifestyles can create damaging frequencies that could be detected long before physical symptoms erupt.

Through the use of the scanners, we can pick up these signals before they take hold in the body. We can also assist in balancing the incorrect frequencies and assist the body to heal.



The SCIO detects chemical imbalances in the body, weaknesses such as viruses, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, abnormalities, and food sensitivities by calculating the biological reactivity and resonance in your body. This data offers an understanding of your possible needs, dysfunctions, and vulnerabilities. The information is inevitably different from that provided by more standard medical tests (e.g., blood tests, X-rays) because it focuses in on the chemical reactions as well as the organs in the body. The ionic exchanges of reaction that take place in your body and brain (at 1/100 of a second) are measured as energetic components in your body. With a feedback loop, the device measures your resonance pulse and sends back an alternate pulse to which your body responds. In turn, your body alters its own reactance pulse, thus creating a change. For example, from pain to no pain, malignant to benign, compulsive to anxiety-free, imbalance to balance.

SCIO is a biofeedback system which uses a computer program to analyse and restore balance in your body. We are out of balance when the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of ourselves are not functioning optimally.  This lack of balance could be represented through various ailments including addiction, anxiety, depression, organ and tissue damage and many others.

Through the use of the SCIO, these ailments can be treated and assist the body to return to a natural, healthy state thereby eliminating the symptoms and ultimately the cause of the disease.

SCIO is a non invasive, painless therapy that uses electrical frequencies to correct imbalances in the body. The device is connected to the client through a comfortable head, wrist and ankle harness. SCIO will address the highest imbalances, symptom by symptom over a number of treatments “until healing is achieved."

A SCIO session is comfortable and painless to experience. Clients might feel a slight tingling when having the treatment but not always. I always relate it to using a TV remote control. When you change a TV channel, you might not see or feel anything happen your remote and the TV and yet you see the change occur when you push the remote button. The same can be said of a SCIO experience, you might not be able to feel it or see it, but you certainly will experience the difference that happens.


The DiaCom, is a scientific based assessment tool that has been used for years in Russia where it was invented to make health diagnostics much more reliable so that a patient can be treated in time to full health recovery. It will show the health of each organ giving an understanding of the depth and penetration of any pathology.

The DiaCom scans for a three dimension projection of internal organs. It is a diagnostic GPS, which is able to provide a qualitative evaluation of the functional state of the body, its systems, organs, tissues, cells, cell organelles and chromosomes at an informational level. With this apparatus, you will be able to see your condition clearly and be able to see how the various treatments that we provide have benefited you. It is non-invasive and extremely accurate. Following treatment, the DiaCom enables us to view the changes that have taken place in the body and the percentage of correction that has been achieved.

Diseases like diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, gout, osteoporosis, kidney disease, heart disease (high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure), liver disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, disorders of the stomach and intestines (constipation, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, heartburn), eating disorders, food allergies and intolerances, etc. can be detected and supplementation can be recommended.

The DiaCom looks at different levels of each organ in the body.

he DiaCom scans for a three dimension projection of internal organs. It is a diagnostic GPS, which is able to provide a qualitative evaluation of the functional state of the body, its systems, organs, tissues, cells, cell organelles and chromosomes at an informational level. With this apparatus, you will be able to see your condition clearly and be able to see how the various treatments that we provide have benefitted you. It is non-invasive and extremely accurate. Following treatment, the DiaCom enables us to view the changes that have taken place in the body and the percentage of correction that has been achieved.


Acudetox is another word for Auricular Acupuncture Detoxification. It’s the most powerful and fastest way in the world to remove toxins from the human body. It’s also the fastest way to treat stress and anger problems.

Certain organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs play a vital role in detoxifying the human body.  Auricular acupuncture works by forcing organs to excrete toxins by stimulating electrical pathways in the ear with acupuncture needles. The process is relatively painless but extremely powerful.

Auricular detoxification works by placing five sterile stainless steel needle in an electrical pathway connected to the toxic organs. The metal needle changes its polarity and toxins are released. Acudetox is used for stress release, anger, depression, addiction treatments and detoxification treatments

A young girl was asked to draw a picture of herself - this was before and after her treatment.


The Rife Resonator is a machine that generates electro-magnetic frequencies, which are relayed through the body via the hands or the feet..

In 1920 the late Dr Royal Raymond Rife designed and built a special light microscope with which he could visualise live viruses. He discovered that each virus, bacterium and parasite was fatally sensitive to a specific wave frequency, which he was able to witness through the lens of his microscope..

This principle is similar to that whereby a glass is shattered by a musical note at just the right pitch. Thus an organism can be selectively destroyed without harming the surrounding tissue. This principle can be applied to the human body with absolute safety and great efficacy.

Although Dr Rife did his research between 1930 and 1971 [when he died], the electro-magnetic frequency generators have only become accessible in recent years due to improved computer technology and the spread of information via the Internet. For many years Dr Rife was hounded and maligned by medical colleagues and big pharmaceutical companies who felt threatened by his revolutionary discoveries. Thanks to the Internet this information can no longer be suppressed.

These RIFE frequencies can be used in the treatment of many conditions, such as: arthritis, influenza, bronchitis, tonsillitis, shingles, candidiasis, fibrositis, chronic fatigue syndrome, glandular fever, cellulitis, sports injuries and many other acute and chronic diseases.

Not only are viruses and other pathogens destroyed, but also damaged tissues are detoxified and regenerated and stress is reduced [reactive treatment]. RIFE therapy can therefore also be used to enhance general health and prevent illness [prophylactic treatment]. The emission resonates the cellular surface of the microorganism and, just as the opera singer can shatter a glass with the voice through resonance, so the rife machine immobilizes and devitalizes the microorganism.



​"Laura is an exceptional person. She works with total dedication, care for all, and possesses masterly skills. No one is untouched by her warm personality, where the feeling of a "soul lift" is a long term experience."


​"I feel alive, I can think and remember again."


"I have known Laura for a number of years. Her honesty and compassion are the two qualities that I most appreciate in her. She has an incredible dedication to and deep understanding of her biofeedback work.”


"Laura is a wonderfully caring and warm individual with a wealth of knowledge regarding quantum health care and bio-feedback healing techniques. I always came out of a session with Laura feeling like I was back on track and on the road to recovery.”


"Laura is a passionate, dedicated person and cares deeply about people.”


"Laura is a passionate, dedicated person and cares deeply about people.”


"Laura does what she does with passion for her chosen field of expertise. She also displays a love for what she does and it shows in the results.”


"Laura is a very caring and dedicated healer. She will operate at a high level to understand the bigger picture of your life and drill down to the detail level to determine and personalise a healing process for you. She is highly skilled with SCIO to the point that even the problems you don’t raise will be brought to the fore. But my favourite thing is her thinking outside of the box. She has developed an uncanny ability to structure new methods dynamically with SCIO to assist and guide your healing. I look forward with great excitement to every treatment. Laura has helped me with health issues that I had given up on.”


"Laura treated me with her SCIO Machine and Results were Visible within 4 Days”


"Laura’s goals need to be exciting. She wakes up in the morning invigorated by what lies on the way to achieve another step to her goal!”


"Laura has a unique ability to communicate complex ideas with ease.”


"Laura is passionate about her work and a careful, caring, always respectful and very perceptive healer”


More About Laura

For many years, I have been fascinated with using different methods of healing and studied many modalities over the years, including Reiki, The Journey, NLP, Herbs to name a few. I started Vital Vibes in 2007 after my own personal experience with the benefits and healing that these modalities assisted me with. I have studied and acquired a knowledge of experience in:

  • Quantum Wellness Technologies as a Biofeedback Therapist
  • The Quantum Centre of Excellence
  • Qualification in Traditional Medicine as a Traditional Doctor from the African national Healers Association
  • Acudetox Specialist with NADA SA and Nada International

I believe in partnering with you about your health and will gladly work in conjunction with your current health challenges to achieve the optimum results for you.


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